I learned a sad fact today from a wonderful local blog I frequent quite a bit called FoodBabe. The all-knowing Food Babe just informed us that I should feel a tad more guilty about my guilt-free Frozen Yogurt habit. I always felt fairly good about my standard Fro-yo choice taro root with blackberries, strawberries, and coconut. Mainly fruit and all natural right? Wrong. I had no idea the amount of sugar I was subjecting my body (according to FoodBabe 20 grams of sugar for five ounces)  to or all the awful food dyes this stuff is packed with!

Food Babe informs us:

“Some Facts about food coloring:

Blue 1 is used to color candy, beverages and baked goods and may cause cancer. Blue 2, found in pet food, candy and beverages, has caused brain tumors in mice.

Red 3 is used in cherries (in fruit cocktails), baked goods and candy. It causes thyroid tumors in rats, and may cause them in humans as well.

Yellow 5 & 6 are the third most often used food colorings, it is found in many products, including baked goods, candy, gelatin and sausages. It has been found to cause adrenal gland and kidney tumors, and contains small amounts of many carcinogens.”

Yikes!  Well I may have to re-think my yelp review! What do you think folks? Will this change how you feel about fabulous fro-yo? As for me,  I may opt out of Taro since it has the food coloring, but stick with my Vanilla Bean! I will also use this as more of a special treat rather than a dessert stand-in staple!