Hungry? There’s an app for that!

How many times have you been in an unfamiliar neighborhood and stumbled upon a gem of a restaurant and thought to yourself man, what luck! ?Or traveled down a stretch of highway wishing there was something else besides the bevy of Golden Arches and Purple Bells? Or ate your way through a meal you later wished you hadn’t? These situations occur across the world every day and now cell phone applications are making foodies everywhere very happy! You see, finding that to-die-for place or avoiding that not so delicious dining experience just got a lot easier!  I am going to explore two of my favorite iphone apps  that are both highly rated (4 stars or more on itunes). They also happen to be on this awesome list covering the top 10 iphone food apps.

1)      Urbanspoon is one of the oldest applications on the list and it is also one of the most popular! It has been downloaded well over 10 million times on iphone alone! The application is modeled after a slot machine. On the first column the user has the option of locking which neighborhood they would like to dine in, the second column narrows the type of cuisine (Italian, burgers, Chinese etc.), and the last offers a price range lock-in option. The lock-in I am referring to gives the user the ability to specify their preferences exactly (i.e an expensive steak house in Midtown or a Cheap Vietnamese restaurant in Southend).

2)      280 Million of users have downloaded Opentable’s application making it quite a success! It is a great app for the holiday traveler and foodie alike. What do I mean by that? Say you’re traveling on Christmas Eve night, or Easter morning, or Valentine’s Day it might be difficult to snag a reservation and you might not even know where to go while on the road. Opentable allows you to search from restaurants in your GPS enabled area and reports back the type of cuisine, price range, and available reservation times. You can narrow your search criteria and browse menus. The best part, you can actually make your reservation straight from the application without making any calls! If you use the app frequently or even their website be sure to sign up for the rewards program to earn gift cards redeemable at one of their 25,000 OpenTable restaurants!

Have you used either of these apps before? Please share if you found a great  foodie gem using an application on your cell phone!


If you’re in Charlotte two of my favorite gems include Good Food on Montford and Le’s Sandwiches (get the #6)!


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10 responses

  1. When I’m hungry, my favorite app is WeighWatchers Online! But seriously, I live by OpenTable when I travel in the U.S. It truthfully has never steered me wrong – and that is remarkable! I had no idea there were that many users, though – wow!

  2. Hi Shauna,
    Boy, they just keep thinking of everything! Every now and then I get a craving for Mickey Ds and then after I’ve had a burger, I feel aweful! When I finally get on board with the whole smart phone thing, I’ll for sure by downloading this app!

  3. I love opentable. I used it for the first time this past summer when I was traveling. I was in Toronto and wasn’t sure about retaurant choices , locations or avaiability. You can’t always count on a concierge at a hotel to know exactly what you like. Opentable is a great app.

  4. This is a super helpful post, Shauna! It is hard to find places to eat when on the road…I usually try to punch it into my gps but apps like these seem much more helpful! Thanks for sharing.

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